Sustainable Performance Programme

Our programme helps people perform to their full potential. It focuses on reducing levels of stress, building resilience and adopting healthy habits to support both peak and long-term sustainable performance. Our method targets the link between lifestyle and well-being to reveal underlying causes of stress. We make use of proven high-end wearable technology to measure stress and visualize recovery. Those results allow us to develop highly effective and specific coaching programmes.

The components of the programme are discussed in more detail below.


1. self-assessment

Participants will start this programme with completing an online self-assessment to outline the context of their current lifestyle. It will be a first moment of awareness which will help them to set clear and relevant goals.

2. biofeedback measurement

Participants will wear the Firstbeat Bodyguard sensor and keep a journal during a period of 72 hours. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) will be measured as a biofeedback parameter in order to determine the physical state of their body. We link their level of stress with their activities to gain insight on how your lifestyle affects well-being. We generate a clear and structured report as a starting point for development of an intervention programme.

3. workshop

During a workshop the group results will be discussed and collectively we will seek appropriate ways to optimize resilience and performance.

4. individual coaching

We use our expertise to analyse the biofeedback report and develop a tailored intervention programme. Based on these results and your personal goals we come to concrete action points. Each report includes a detailed overview of each measurement day and following night. For each 24-hour cycle, the report provides insights in three areas:  Stress reactions, physical activity, recovery and sleep.

5. self-learning

During a period of several weeks or months the participant will work on the agreed programme with the support of coach as needed. Informing the direct environment of the participant about his goals can support this process and accelerate progress.


6. evaluation

After a few months, we evaluate the progress the participant has made and provide further advice to maintain the participant’s focus.