Well-being at work

Measuring and managing stress

Recovery and burn-out prevention


Raising awareness as a first step towards new habits.

Resilience &
Sustainable performance

Optimizing body resources to increase and maintain productivity.


Decreasing the risk of long-term absence and its impact.

A culture of

Making well-being part of the way  people behave and do business.

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Self-assessments are applied because they give a first idea about someone's lifestyle habits, well-being and personality. It allows us to outline a context and situate the data of the upcoming biofeedback assessment and make them as meaningful as possible.



Biofeedback assessments

Biofeedback assessments play a key role in our programme because they provide objective data on how someone's lifestyle and work habits influence stress, recovery, sleep, general health, risk of burn-out and productivity. A combination of qualitative and quantitative data indicates whether action is recommended and identifies small changes that could enhance recovery during the day and during sleep.

Data analysis, Action plans & Recommendations

Data of the self-assessment and the biofeedback assessment will collected and visualized in a comprehensive report. Based on this report we develop a first draft of a SMART action plan that we will finetune in one-on-one coaching sessions.

One-on-one coaching

Together with the participant we discuss the report, situate the results and finetune the SMART action plan. We empower the team member with strategies to break negative habits in life and integrate new ones as small steps towards behavioural change and maintenance of behavioural change.

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Follow-up, Workshops & Group coaching

Follow-up motivates people to continue positive change and maintenance of positive behaviour. Because of the assessments we have good knowledge of priorities for coaching and workshops. The expertise of our team covers a wide area of topics.

“It has been of true value for me! The programme provided a wonderful, data-driven insight in my lifestyle and work habits. The personal action plan motivated me to make changes immediately.
— J&J participant in AmWell programme

AmWell was founded to develop and deliver resilience and performance solutions in which individual benefits extend purposefully and meaningfully towards the work place, personal and family life and the broader society. 

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A highly diverse combination of experience, expertise and personality.


Shahram Sharif

Innovation is key to help people and organizations improve health and well-being.

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Jeroen Janss

Mental health and well-being will lead to better decision-making and therefore a better world.

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Bart Dijckmans

Health is the key driver of self-efficacy, performance and quality of life.

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Proudly partnering with:


Heartbeat Analytics Technology
Transforming heartbeat data into personalized insights on stress, exercise and sleep

150,000 individuals coached

1000+ companies


Adopted and integrated by:


Evidence Based

Scientific Evidence

We attach great importance to scientific validation of our service. We collaborate with a partner that meets our standards.

User Evidence

We evaluate our services and rely on the large amount of data analysed by our technology partner.

Business Evidence

We implemented successful programs at different clients. Promising results were also observed by other providers using a similar technology.


Technology Enabled

Wearable Body Sensors

We perform wireless, user friendly and highly accurate measurements of key physiological parameters, using world leading sensor technology.

Bio-feedback and Mobile Technology

We closely follow the evolution of mobile app and internet portals with dashboards visualising stress levels to user, coaches and caregivers allowing for follow-up and tracking progress of the users’ condition.

Software Algorithms

We provide a deep insight on stress through the real-time interpretation of physiological data measured by body sensors.

Holistically Approached

Sleep & Recovery during  the day

We monitor sleeping patterns and recovery to ensure maintenance of a sufficient level of body resources.

Self-leadership and Awareness

We apply mindfulness strategies to generate awareness and allow  for self-leadership, leading to a more resilient, happier and more fulfilled life.

Physical Activity and Lifestyle

We have the expertise to implement physical activity and lifestyle programs to build resilience and to enhance coping with difficulties in life.


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