Resilience Building Programme

Our Resilience Building Programme offers a major step towards improving productivity and well-being. We target the link between lifestyle activities and well-being using an objective measurement of physiological parameters. This allows us to reveal the underlying causes of stress and other discomforts in life. We address work, sleep and recovery during the day and teach you strategies to build and maintain resilience as a foothold in life.


1. self-assessment

You will start this program with completing an online self-assessment to outline the context of your current lifestyle. It will be your first moment of awareness which will help you to set clear and relevant program goals.

2. biofeedback measurement

You will wear the Firstbeat Bodyguard sensor and keep a journal during a period of 72 hours. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) will be measured as a biofeedback parameter in order to determine the physical state of your body. We link your level of stress with your activities to gain insight on how your lifestyle affects well-being. We generate a clear and structured report as a starting point for development of an intervention program.

3. Coaching

We use our expertise to analyse the biofeedback report and develop a tailored intervention program. Based on these results and your specific goals we seek to create positive habits.

4. self-learning

During a period of several weeks or months you will work on the agreed program with the support of coach as needed. Informing your direct environment about your goals can support this process and accelerate your progress.

5. evaluation

We evaluate the progress together to determine whether further coaching and change is desirable. An evaluation will help you to maintain your focus and motivation and will stimulate you to pursue continuous personal development.