Developed out of passion...

AmWell was founded to develop and deliver resilience and performance solutions in which individual benefits extend purposefully and meaningfully towards the work place, personal and family life and the broader society. 

The effectiveness of our solutions depend on the participant’s willingness and ability to develop healthy habits. We believe that this is best achieved through creating awareness around work and lifestyle choices. Our technology and coaching interventions are focused on doing exactly that.

Building on the insights we bring through biofeedback and awareness exercises (mindfulness), we support individuals, teams and organisations in their journey towards healthier and more fulfilling lives and workplaces.

Delivered by a compassionate team..

In our team, we brought together a highly diverse combination of experience, expertise and personality to generate synergies and be able to deliver transformational solutions. Our team members will be valuable guides as they have been through some of the same issues you may be dealing with: burnout, loss of meaning and overtraining, managing teams under high workload and pressure. Having lived through this, we came out stronger and are now determined to serve you on your journey.