Well-being as the key to sustainable performance...


Stress management & Burn-out prevention

Do you and your employees experience excessive levels of stress? Prolonged exposure to stress can lead to burn-out in the long run. Measuring and monitoring stress will help you gain visibility and insight needed as a basis for effective policy making. In addition it is a key aspect of the compliance process that is now a legal requirement.

Productivity & Sustainable performance

How does the well-being of your employees affect their productivity and performance? The physical, mental and emotional health and resilience of individuals is a key driver when it comes to sustaining competitive levels of performance and productivity. Empowering your employees to be aware and improve their well-being is essential.

Building a culture of Well-being

If well-being is an important enabler of company performance, how does it become part of the way people behave and do business?  Building a culture starts with senior leaders modelling and supporting the right behaviour. Our initial focus will be therefore to work with leaders to help them improve awareness as well as develop healthy behaviours. Building on their buy-in and enthusiasm, we will involve gradually all employees through a range of initiatives that seek to create ownership at the individual level, empowering employees to create healthy work processes and environments as well as develop healthy personal behaviour.