Individual Burn-out Prevention Program

Our Burn-out Prevention Programme offers a solution for individuals at risk for burn-out. We implement a tailored approach to detect early symptoms and apply strategies to prevent progress and get life back on track.


1. Intake meeting

To understand the specific challenges of the individual and the organisation, we invite the individual and potentially the people manager for an intake meeting.

2. self-assessment

We start this program with an online self-assessment to outline the context of the participant's lifestyle and working style.

3. biofeedback measurement

We use the Firstbeat Bodyguard sensor to provide a detailed insight on how well-being is affected by working style and lifestyle. Over a period of 72 hours, we measure physiological parameters (biofeedback based on heart rate variability, HRV) to determine the physical state of your body. We link your level of stress, your level of physical activity, your sleep pattern and your level of recovery during the day with your daily activities. We visualize all this information in a clear and organized report.


We use our expertise to analyse the biofeedback report and develop a tailored intervention program. Based on these results and the specific challenges of the individual and organisation we seek to create positive habits.

5. self-learning & follow-up 

During a period of several weeks or months the individual will work on the agreed program with the support of coach as needed.


During a second measurement we will seek to determine whether the program had led to positive change. If the program needs adjustment, these will be discussed and agreed upon and the individual will be coached to ensure sustain change.


We evaluate the progress with the individual as well as the people manager to determine whether further change is desirable and whether structural adjustments are needed, whether relates to the individual or the organisation and its processes.